Insurance Restoration Specialist

Free Damage Assessments and Estimates
Property owners often fail to file insurance claims after a wind or hail storm because they do not realize their home or business was damaged. Often times the roof may appear to look perfectly normal to the untrained eye, especially with wind or hail. Don't be fooled - over time, the damage continues to deteriorate your roof system and other exterior components on the home including personal property that might be coved by your insurance provider. Failure to act might burden the owner with higher costs that probably will not be covered by insurance. Mile High insurance restoration specialists will conduct a free, no-obligation inspection to identify such damage and communicate our finding with photos to illustrate the damage

We'll Meet with the Adjuster for You
Insurance companies will respond to your claim by sending their Adjuster. He will assess the damage and determine the cost of the repairs. Most adjusters are experienced and skilled however when a major storm covers a large area these adjusters may travel to the area from different parts of the Country. They may not be familiar with the particular type of damage to your home. Most Roofing Companies wait for the adjuster's assessment to provide you with a quote for the repairs - and sometimes that quote may be more than your insurance adjuster's estimation.
Mile High is different; our insurance restoration specialists will be present to answer any of the adjuster's questions. We will make an effort to assist the Insurance Companies Representative make a though and accurate assessment of the damage so that your investment and your interest come first.

Code Upgrades
Adjusters are dispatched immediately after a storm, and often to places with which they are not familiar. Again, having an insurance specialist present is very helpful. We know local building code requirements, which are often be overlooked by insurance companies. Mile High will review the adjuster's assessment to ensure you are reimbursed for the costs of bringing your home or business up to current building codes.

Detailed Estimates
Rather than submitting a simple, "bottom-line" dollar amount to the adjuster, Mile High insurance specialists will produce a detailed, line-itemized estimate using leading estimating software. This allows the home owner to see a step-by-step analysis of the restoration process and how much each step will cost.

This software accesses information that is constantly being updated to accurately reflect fair market value. And many adjusters will appreciate the level of detail that this system provides - which may speed up your restoration process.

Relationships with Major Insurance Companies
Mile High Construction has years of experience and works with all Insurance Companies. We take a balanced approach of respect and politeness, but we will also be firm when it comes to keeping your best interest at hand.

Prevent Future Damage
Unlike many Roofing Companies and Contractors who are only interested in one aspect of your claim, your roof, the owners of Mile High Construction have long standing relationships with many trades people and subcontractors to make sure your property is restored to its full potential. There is no need for you to hire or shop for additional trades people because a contractor has left you without completing all the work required by your insurance company, often times leavening you with out of pocket expenses until the work is completed.

Mile High Construction owners and representatives will be on site during the restoration project to make sure the work is performed in a professional manner and answer any questions you might have. We also will take photos of the process so you can see the work on your property.
From the foundation to the roof we have you covered.

This attention to detail will give you the comfort you need knowing that your property is secure from future damage due to poor workmanship or unskilled labour.

Wind, Water, Hail, Fire, Flood

Please give us the opportunity to represent you as we are happy to help you though the process and provide you with the quality you deserve.